Easy ways to reduce my carbon footprint 👣

Environmental issues have been getting the coverage they deserve of late. And so I thought it was time to make a bigger vow to reduce my own carbon footprint.

So here are my 10 new mantras to reduce my carbon footprint. I’ve already adopted a lot of these but I’m hoping to have adopted them all as part of my daily routine by August!

Here goes…

1. Reducing my use of single use plastic.

This is probably one of the hardest ones as single use plastic is everywhere and can’t be effectively recycled. I’m going to try and opt for food and products that don’t use as much packaging. Where I can’t do this, I’m going to start leaving the packaging at the supermarket as a stance to show retailers it’s unnecessary.

2. Refuse to buy meat.

I have stopped buying meat. If I get given meat I eat it, but as a strict rule I’m not buying it. This is because meat production is one of the most damaging environmental impacts on our planet.

3. Grow my own herbs, fruit and veg.

This won’t have a major impact but it will get me used to create things that are kind to the planet. And we made our herb garden out of recycled pallets too!

4. Change all of my bills to digital files.

Easily done just a case of doing it.

5.Refuse to buy drinks in single use bottles.

Opting for bottles that are more easily recycled and more environmentally friendly.

6. Get a milkman.

The bottles can be washed and are reusable. Then when they’ve been used approx 50 times they can be recycled.

7. Recycle, recycle, recycle.

Including getting a compost bin, which will help to feed our herb garden.

8. Work to becoming vegan.

This is going to be really really hard but it’s the overall aim.

9. Stop using makeup wipes.

This is easily done. I use a recycled product that does an even better job using just water.

10. Be more mindful.

This is just a general consideration. If you’re not recycling at work, start. If you get given a plastic spoon, don’t take it. If someone asks if you want a straw, say no. If there’s an option to recommend recycling stations do it.

These are my own rules and it will only make a small impact. But I really love this planet, so I want to do what I can to help. Thinking about it more and being more conscious of my own impact can only be a good thing, right?

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