Want clear skin – remove your makeup using JUST water!

No joke, you can literally wave goodbye to all that crap you put on your face.

Cleanser, toner. Sack it off. Get some water on your skin and hydrate the natural way.

I can hear you saying, that’s all well and good until you have a face full of makeup including waterproof mascara. Yep, you can still just use water.

I’m not sure if it’s some strange witchery, or if it’s just super clever science, but – the AfterSpa Magic MakeUp Remover cloth literally takes off all makeup.

It’s cheap, it’s environmentally friendly, it’s good for your skin (I mean you literally just use water), it’s gentle and easy to use.

It’s basically all the ease of a wipe, with all the benefits of going makeup free, and the gentleness and softness of using super expensive product. Oh yeah and it’s soooooooo cheap. £9 – and lasts 1,000 washes!

Seriously, just get one! I’m converted for LIFE!


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