Best places for pie in Leeds

Anyone that knows me, knows I bloody love a pie.

Here’s the run down of the best pies Leeds has to offer. Yes, I have major issues!

5. Carverly Arms and Roundhay Fox – both Vintage Inns so they have the same menu. Their pies are delicious and there’s a selection to choose from. Perfect for anyone looking for a chilled out pie fix in a decent setting. I recommend the chicken.

4. Pieminster – every pie lovers dream so it had to go in the list. I mean literally, if you like pie head in and enjoy the soul fulfilling goodness.

3. The Mustard Pot in Chapel Allerton. Again excellent pie fodder – plenty of choice and veggie options to boot. What I love about these pies is that the pastry is literally to die for!

2. Kirkstall Bridge – these bad boys know how to pie. Amazing specials like haggis for Burns Night, they’re homemade, creative and bloody delicious.

1. The absolute winner – number one on the list – Blackhouse. This is literally the tastiest pie ever. Again it’s the chicken that these guys nail.

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