Know your Flo

The dreaded monthly flower. Is it just me that literally never knows where they stand?

If my period was a date, I’d have sacked it off ages ago. Irrational, erratic, more than happy to ghost me. Then it decides to turn up unannounced and yet still wanted.

Maybe it’s just me that’s terrible at organising my monthly cycle. Or maybe it’s just a nightmare in general. Who knows?!

Either way, I’ve started using an app and it’s changed my life. I use Flo and it basically mentally prepares you for the week of hell.

Not only am I managing my moods better – I suffer from crippling lows pre-period. I feel more prepared, in tune with my body and there are some amazing articles to read on the app too.

It also tracks your health and movement, moods, side effects, energy levels the works. Again really helping you to understand your body.

It breaks down the period boundaries and helps you to feel normal, comfortable and encouraged to think about and discuss your monthly cycle. I couldn’t recommend it more. It’s also free, so go ahead and download it.

Hopefully you girls will find it as handy as I have.

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