Pimp your fireplace for £27!!!

A fireplace. The feature of the room, so if it’s wrong it’s a bloody nightmare.

J’s fireplace wasn’t a total eyesore but it wasn’t really in keeping with the house – a cute stone built Victorian terrace.

The living room has lovely high ceilings, cornicing and lots of sweet little quirks. The fireplace was really modern and kind out of keeping.

We wanted to create more of a rustic feel. Still contemporary, but more in keeping with the home.

This is what we started with…

So kind of too modern really. We decided to paint the fire surround and distress it. We opted for chalk paint to give it a rustic feel.

After painting it (it took three coats) we distressed it with a wire brush, sandpaper and oil off of the bikes using an old rag.

This was the finished article. Then we decided that the Black looked a little forced, so – having already used tile decals on the bathroom (see more here and here), we decided to go for it again with the fire backing.

Because the room is Victorian, we opted for a traditional Victorian pattern interspersed with some contemporary tiles to tie the room together. We opted for light blues, greens and greys to keep the from light but to inject a little colour.

The finished article is pretty cute. It looks like a totally different room, much bigger and far more suited to our tastes.

Here’s the finished article.

We got the paint from Wilko – it’s was £12.

The tile stickers were from Etsy for £15!

Total cost – £27!!!

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