Totally transform a bathroom for £100

People tend to think pimping up a bathroom or kitchen can be pretty pricey. However, there are some tricks of the trade to totally transform these rooms without spending a small fortune.

Basically, you can have god awful tiles and a shocking bath panel, but as long as you have a white bath and sink, you’re onto a winner.

Here’s how we turned this…

Into this…

The bath surround

The bath surround was the real game changer and it was totally free. We used pallet wood that we sourced from a local bathroom store for free. Oh the irony.

With the left over wood, we also created a bath rack. Which I love!

The tiles

The tiles were also super easy and pretty cheap too. We bought the tile decals or tile stickers (whatever you want to call them), for £30 off Etsy.

Check out my separate post on them here.


The rest of the stuff is from Ikea, amongst bits and bobs we already had. We didn’t spend loads and went for Ikea’s most basic stuff – but because of the simple look and feel to the room and the bright tiles, this works really well.

The rack was the only thing from Matalan – and I think it adds a little something else to the bath area.

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