Cheap and cheerful bathroom makeover

Whether you’re in rented or you own your own place, the prospect of replacing tiles can be daunting and impractical.

It’s messy, expensive and takes skill. Well that’s if you haven’t discovered tile decals.

Our bathroom tiles were, well let’s say interesting.

Politely put, they were a swirly nightmare of strange colours. Not overly offensive but certainly not to our taste.

We thought tile paint would do the trick, but it gets bad reviews – so, I search for an alternative. Enter the revolutionary tile decal.

Cost effective, easy to apply and mess free. These bad boys are the one.

It took me an hour to transform our bathroom into a Moroccan oasis.

Plus if you’re rented, they come straight off – so you can transform your bathroom without having to worry about losing your bond. And, you can reuse them if you’re careful and take them to your next place.

We bought our decals from Etsy and they were a really good price point. Some of our favourite bits looks are here.

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