Gender equality is bullshit and here’s why.

Is it just me that’s had enough? The forced, shallow, completely transparent exposure of women in the media so far this year has been nothing short of infuriating.

I have so many problems with this it’s hard to know where to start.

So let’s start off with today’s news and work our way backwards.

The BBC’s latest misjudgement Today it was announced six male employees of the BBC are valiantly ‘sacrificing’ their wages, in a bid to reduce the gender pay gap. To which the BBC said it was ‘grateful’. What? Are you serious? You can’t tell me that the BBC can’t afford to just up female pay?

This is wrong on so many levels:

A. That there is a pay gap full stop – after all I pay a TV licence (two in-fact as I’m rubbish and forgot to cancel one) and I’m pretty sure I qualify as a female. So women are paying to line the pockets of men that can’t be bothered to pay women equally. Great!

B. Why the hell should men feel pressured to take a wage cut? It pits us against each other. Feminism and the female movement isn’t about making men feel bad, it’s about being bloody equal.

The Presidents Pest Club

Let’s move onto yesterday’s news. The ‘shocking’ revelation that men in power were invited to enjoy female company at The Presidents Club. What a mockery this makes of pretty much everyone.

This really made me mad. Like what the actual hell. Why on Earth was it ever perceived as remotely acceptable for this to take place.

Why? And why were so many people – paid by our taxes – in attendance?

And then the way this is only just getting media exposure. Wow – like this rubbish doesn’t take place all the time. The people typing the headlines, or let’s face it ‘editing’ them, have probably been in attendance to these gatherings themselves.


Then we move onto the #metoo campaign. Sparked by the revelations that a certain Harvey and his bunch of over sexed, over paid and frankly overly disgusting cronies seem to be massive pests and rapists.

Now what really mugs me off about this was how quickly everyone jumped on the, ‘it’s all well and good mocking him now, but you must have known all along’ band wagon. Not least when directed at women.

I’m sorry. Have you ever experienced being a woman? The thing is, the whole concept of #metoo was to provide us with a voice. Which, as you may have guessed from the gravity and reach of the campaign, has been kind of hard until now.

So, how about you focus your attention on the real issue here. Women are subjected to a totally unprecedented amount of sexual harassment and – until now – nobody knew!

So what’s my problem with all of this? I guess there’s three points.

1. We don’t have to talk about gender equality and automatically hate on all men or make men feel guilty for their privileges. It’s about making everybody equal.

Regardless of their sex. Not ripping away the benefits of being a man. Build women up don’t guilt trip men into stepping down.

2. Journalists are so quick to sell news that they jump on the latest trend with little regard. Don’t be fooled, it’s never about equality – it’s about selling. And guess what, it’s embarrassing and totally misjudged. In their eagerness to sell news, we’re bombarded with bullshit. Is it news that someone didn’t out Harvey in advance? Is it hell. The real story here is that this monster has been allowed by our society to pray on women.

3. Finally. Gender equality isn’t a trend. It’s not set to go out of fashion. So label 2018 the year of the woman if you really want. But surely it should just be the year we wised up to the crap and used it as an opportunity to make a difference – not look cool, or feel superior, or to position yourself as an elite human. ‘Oh I’m a feminist you know, I believe in women.’ Said nobody ever.

We exist. We’re equal. Cut out the crap and wind in the media frenzy. It’s not fashionable or a way to sell stories. It’s our reality and it’s time this whole saga was seen for what it really is – a tick box exercise to appease men and women appalled by in-equality within our society.

Stop fighting it with empty words and just pay us equally, stop groping us and keep your filthy hands to yourself and stop, please stop using our plight to sell your, sensationalised papers. Because we’ve been taken advantage of, misrepresented and judge quite enough!

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