Why is it so hard to take your own advice? 

If I was my friend, there would be advice I’d give. In fact I’d get pretty pissed off with myself.

I know what I should do, but I just don’t do it. And I can apply it to every area of my life.

It’s not until I had the freedom of being alone and the influence of so many people that I realised I’m a total flakey fuck.

When it comes to giving other people advice I’m great. When it comes to me, I’m shit.

Like I can see the wood for the trees but I just decide to not make the right decisions anyway. This goes for everything. Literally everything, apart from probably my career.

So a little run down – more of a reminder to myself than anything else – as to what I need to do to sort my shit out once and for all.


Stop eating out so much. Stop not shopping. Establish a routine. Stop being lazy.

Social life 

Make time for yourself. Stop booking yourself up in a bid to avoid time on your own so you don’t have to deal with life admin. It still exists whether you ignore it or not.

Stop dating 

You don’t need to date. You don’t want a partner. Why are you even on Tinder. Why are you swiping? Why do you even care. Just stop and be alone.


Don’t give yourself up easily. Don’t dismiss the importance of sex and the importance of a connection during sex. Don’t just have sex do have sex.


Do some. Just bloody do some.

Life admin

Address it. Get it sorted. Forget about it. Stop procrastinating.

shit tidy 
Like seriously just tidy up. So your washing. Enjoy time sorting. Get sorted.


Save more, spend less. Your 28 for fucks sake. Get some decent savings sorted and stop being a fuck wit.

If I addressed all of the above I’d have more time, less stress and more cash. I need to just stop with my jumbled routine. Take ownership and sort my shit out.
Tomorrow is a new day! 🙌

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