Why I’m so angry at the games

The older I get the angrier and probably more aware I become of the absolute bullshit we’re being fed.

If my friends or family treat and lied to me like the media I’d be out – and I’m talking all media, from the BBC – which is totally Tori biased, to sites like Anonymous that scare the shit out of me with their own agenda.

The fact is we’re being lied to – repeatedly and it’s sickening. I thought the way Brexit was handled was a joke. If I rolled into work with a load of miss-information, false claims and lack of planning like that, there would be serious words. I wouldn’t dream of behaving in that way in work, in life, in a relationship – so why the fuck is it OK for our leadership to. It’s disgusting.

Then we have this election. It’s called at a time to manipulate us all into voting Tori. We’re being fed false information. Nobody can get their facts straight. It’s a joke.

We’re supposed to live in a democracy and yet we’re been manipulated by the media. Who really governs this country? Rupert bastard Murdock perhaps? And the washed up moral dodgers that call themselves ‘the media’.

It’s a joke and it’s absolutely not OK. Not only is it causing massive amounts of austerity, there’s a disconnect in some of our most vulnerable parts of society and yeah you know what people are dieing as a result.

As a result of the games and the lies and the bullshit we’ve been fed – all the way back to war criminal Tony Blare’s fuck stain of a Government.

And the result is innocent people being killed, families destroyed. It’s shit. And Teresa May comes out with ‘Enough is enough’ – look love we’ve passed that point. We passed that point years ago you out of touch idiot.

So what to do? Well they’re all fucked. None of them can be trusted and we’re basically screwed either way. Go with whatever you think is the lesser evil when voting.

Then what? Well then it’s up to us I guess. I see and hear a lot, people jump on bandwagons to drive home points and make themselves feel good. But I guess it’s actually about doing the right thing – surely.

An example. There was a March in York saying ‘refuges welcome’. People had plaques saying your home is my home. I stood and cried, not because I felt moved, but because the march went passed three homeless people and not one person stopped. What the fuck.

We’ve become so involved in how we love saying and doing the right thing, that we forget to look at what is in front of us.

Charity starts at home – if we’re kind to our nearest and dearest, they’ll be kind to there’s and so on and so forth. Then we can look at our immediate communities and work out how to strengthen them to avoid such a disconnect.

Then maybe – just maybe – the exhaustive rehtoric constantly spun by the media, out so called leadership and – by proxy – you and I, might just fall on deaf ears, because we’ll know the score. We’ll be connected on the ground to our people, our diverse and wonderful communities.

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