My mission to avoid the carb slump 

Struggle to eat a healthy lunch, sick of carbs, want to embrace the summer spirit but totally over limp salads? Same. I’m basically a carb whale and it needs to change. Whilst I might get away with a high carb diet in that I don’t put on weight – it gives me major slumps and makes me soooo sluggish.

So, I did a bit of a test having been approached by Greggs. I went to M&S, Pret, Boots and Greggs and did a comparative. The results surprised me – I mean really surprised me. And I’m not just saying that because I had my lunch paid for for a week.

I decided to choose items that were similar – basically a chicken cous cous salad and a fruit drink. Here’s what I discovered…


Nice, a little tangy – slightly sweaty. The drink was soooo nice though. Good presentation though and overall pretty tasty, although pricey.


Randomly slightly boring tasting and the same sweaty situ… it makes me sad. It was also pricey – value for money vs quality was pretty disappointing and the presentation was standard.


The Boots meal deal is pretty handy, you’ve got to admit, but it’s a victim of its own success. The choice is pretty rubbish, as it’s all been picked over, meaning I got the sad salad at the back that nobody wanted. It did however taste great and turned out to be pretty fresh.


OK so I was slightly premature in my judgement of Greggs’ salad range. To be honest I go to Greggs hungover and searching for carbs – but the guys pretty much nailed it. Good presentation, good selection (probably because no one knows Greggs do salads), so fresh and really tasty. I’ve had it twice since actually.

The winner for me is Greggs, although Boots comes a close second and may even pip to the post if there was more of a selection.

Over and out – happy lunching 😊

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