Is it time to abandon the blue ticks? 

How much info is too much info? If it’s not a blue WhatsApp tick, it’s  hearing about couples arguing over Find my Friend. I mean really? Has our online obsession got so bad we’re willing to sacrifice a good thing over what’s essentially spy tech? 

Is it just me who thinks this is fucking gaga, pure freaky and a more than unhealthy. Surely to god this shit is bad for us? 

We’re actively stalking each other and it’s fine. Normal in fact. Only it’s not. It’s creepy as hell, controlling, invasive and bloody annoying. 

We’ve all been there – they’re online, they’ve read the message, they’ve received the message and not read it. They’ve read the message and haven’t replied. 

How much of our precious time is consumed by a bloody tick or two on WhatsApp!? Surely it’s not just me that can’t be arsed with it. I mean come on I have pizza to eat and Made In Chelsea to watch, I’m kind of too busy for it. 

Why the hell are we openly entering into this game of tick tag? It’s unhealthy, it’s fucked up and we’re absolutely all doing it. I’m as guilty as the next man. 

Think about it. How many dates have been cancelled, arguments caused – over a tick? How many games played – hearts broken? Friendships ruined?

And what does it even mean? Yeah you know what I got your message, I read it and I didn’t reply. Does that mean I’m a dick – no. Does that mean I’m a game player – no. Does it mean I’m doing something else. Yeah. 

It’s bad enough that we’re constantly contactable. Now we have to worry about when to and when not to reply. ‘Oh you don’t want to look keen’, or ‘careful you’ve read that and replied straight away.’

No. Enough. How about I just reply when I want to. Blue tick the shit out of me – I’m gunna be too busy to notice. 

Yeah, that’s what we like to think right? The truth is, regardless of whether or not you’re a ticker or you’re getting ticked – you notice. You can’t not. And you inadvertently become the phsyco that actually does give a shit about the tick – and so the cycle continues. 

Thankfully a pretty smart girly bob showed me a setting – a tick free life. And I’m about to embrace it and all it’s freedom. Because you know what – if they reply, they reply. If they don’t they’re either busy or can’t be arsed. And either way, is it really worth spending your energy on. 

I think not. Here’s to freedom bitches. 

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