5 ridiculous things that will happen if you’re dating 

Online dating is exhausting, as much as it is fun and, lets face it, hilarious at times too.

So I thought I’d jot down some crazy facts about things that have happened to me or I’ve seen happen to friends since online dating.

1. The serial stalker 

More common than you may think. The serial stalker remains omnipresent across your social feeds. Always waiting to strike and DM / PM as soon as you’ve posted something new and they know you’re online.

2. The I’ve fallen in love over the phone

Before dating it’s important to chat on the phone first right – wrong? Don’t fall into a phone relationship with a random. Just ask them to prove they’re legit in other ways.

Me in 10 years still playing this game.  My hairs short because I had a Britney 2007! Obvs! 

3. The fuck and chuck 

What it says on the tin. I’ve seen this happen so many times I can’t even explain. But like in such a rude way. These fuckers ghost forevermore. Like they just evaporate into thin air.

4. The Mrs Doubtfire 

You turn up with expectations of what someone looks like. We build an idea in our heads. Then, out of nowhere you head for your date and you genuinely can’t find this fucker. Why – because they’re sat on table 10 grinning at you and they may as well be wearing a body suit, wig and stage makeup, because they look nothing, and I mean nothing, like their profiles.

Amp photocredit 

5. The Bronte brood 

Meanwhile there’s some that you’ll never see in the flesh because they spend all there days texting you and never progressing things – eventhough you’ve looked to sort things multiple times. Sorry love I don’t want a novel, I want a human. I can download Sharon Osborne’s memoir if I want to read a shit autobiography.

Good luck out there!

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