Leeds night out – where to go

Heading out in a city you don’t know can be the worst. Que getting appallingly drunk in a Yates’ bar and finding yourself looking at your mates in despair as your local reprobates attempt a pole dance up your freshly shaved legs. No thanks! 

Thankfully I have the wrinkles and the questionable memories to guarantee a good night out in Leeds. 

Casual night. 

If you’re after a casual night with food thrown in – this is your best bet. 

– Start at Social Bar as a meeting point. Keep it to one drink

– Bob down to Belgrave – grab a pizza and a drink. If it’s summer head to the terrace upstairs, if it’s not, stay on the ground floor. Stay for two or three. 

– After Belgrave, its North Bar time. Bob in the photo booth and enjoy a crafty IPA 

– Then it’s Brotherhood time. Stay for two

– Wrap it up in Manhatta. Jobs a gooden. 

Out out.

– Predrink for sure. Trust me your bank balance will appreciate it! 

– Head to to Belgrave – again line your stomach with a pizza slice of two. 

– After a couple head to Headrow House. Have one downstairs then head upstairs for a couple. 

– Grab an Uber (approx. £3) and go to Call Lane.

– First stop on Call Lane – Neon Cactus for one.

– Second stop Oporto for two and a cheeky Jäger.

– Stop three Call Lane Social – drink gin and avoid the straying hands in here.

– Finish your night in Jakes, where you can dance until the light come on at around 3/4am.

Day drinks. 

A day session in Leeds is way too much fun to pass up. Park in the outskirts near the Armory or for cheap day / weekend / overnight parking The Tetley or any on street parking around there is pretty good. 

– Start in 212 bar for one 

– Head to Lamb and Flag 

– Then onto Calls Landing 

– Followed by Aire Bar 

– Head up to Call Lane and bob into Courtyard or Revs

– Then you bob up to the top end of town. If you go North West you can enjoy Bierkeller, Nation of Shopkeepers, Top Revs and the Electric Press bars. 

– If you head North East (head North East), you can revel in outdoor drinking on the best rooftops in town – aka Headrow House and Belgrave. 

This is by no means an extensive guide – but hopefully it give you an insight into your options for a great Leeds night out. Thank me later! 

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