The art to happily ever after 

Think of all the films, all the TV programmes and all the fairy tales.

They teach us one thing. You can only be truly happy when you’re with someone. When you find your perfect match.

I’m starting to disagree. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been now and it’s because I’m alone. I only have to accommodate me, myself and I. If I’m pissed off I know why. If I’m happy I know why. If I’m sad I know why. It’s uncomplicated and totally refreshing.

I can’t get hurt and can’t hurt anyone. It’s safe, secure and relaxed – sounds like the perfect relationship right. It is.

I don’t have one soul mate I have 20 – my friends and my family. I have everything a girl could wish for. I’m free to make the decisions that work for me, not anyone else. And to provide my soulmates with objective and useful advice. That’s totally true and not compromised at all.

So yeah – screw you Bridget, you copped out on the single girl. And so did you Carry Bradshaw. Not that anyone gives a crap anyway because you’re a shit friend anyway.

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