10 questions people ask you about being gay

You don’t look gay, you must be the girly one then? Do you prefer butch women because you’re small…? The list goes on.
Despite this, my coming out experience was a positive one. But, people are still going to say funny stuff from time to time. Put it this way, if I asked a midwife what it was like to be a midwife, I’d ask all the stupid questions anyone that isn’t a midwife asks…

It’s the same with being gay. It’s OK, but just to clear matters up here are the answers:

1. ‘When did you decide to be gay?’ – well first things first. It’s not a decision and I’m pretty sure I was born gay… so yeah forever.

2. ‘How did you know you were gay?’ – how did you know you were straight? I like boobs and fanny that’s how.

3. ‘How do you know when you’ve had sex?’ – sexual intimacy is sex.

4. ‘How do you have sex?’ – ermmm how do you have sex? We kiss and shit like you, that’s how.

5. ‘How will you have kids?’ – I don’t know I don’t have a partner right now.

6. ‘Would you still want to get married if it was to a girl?’ – yes.

7. ‘Are you the man or the woman?’ – we’re both females.

8. ‘Do you worry about life being harder now?’ – trust me spending a life with a man would be hard. Now I can live the life I’ve always craved.

9. ‘Would you sleep with a couple?’ – no I’m not somebody’s experiment and would you really ask a straight person that question?

10. ‘Do you think you could really love another woman?’ – yes, I could love a woman.

Oh and before you ask it’s not a phase, or a life choice it’s who I am. I was born gay, just like I was born with red hair, my Dad’s nose and green eyes.
Hopefully that clears things up. Insert further questions below 😊

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