The single girls’ merry-go-round

There’s this thing with being single nobody warns you about. You break up from someone and decide to be alone.

The first thing everyone does is encourage you to go online dating – because it’s casual, fun etc. And it’s novel for your couples friends and makes your single friends feel less, well alone.

You should go out and enjoy yourself – right… and so there you are, unwittingly aboard the single girls’ merry-go-round.

You didn’t want to go on the merry-go-round, I mean shit, you weren’t even interested in going to the fair. But there you are, fresh faced, enthusiastic and ready to ride (no pun intended).

But, and here comes the start of the issue, you spend time going round and round, swiping left, swiping right. You meet someone, it’s cool, casual, relaxed. You both want the same thing – no pressure just laid back dating. Someone to enjoy time with and get a snuggle off. So far, so good.

And then there it is. The issue. You didn’t want to go to the fair, let alone jump on a ride. And now you find yourself riding the same ride far too regularly and it’s happened without you even realising.

We don’t do casual friends, and so casual dating is kind of an anomaly. You keep it cool, because you literally don’t want anything. But then why are you starting to compromise yourself? Why are you ditching your mates for a fling? You don’t even want this.

Enough is enough. You hop off the ride – hopefully before you start to feel too dizzy. And decide to leave the fair. Everything is simple again.

Great. Until, there’s free tickets to a new fair and you’re being encouraged to go. And so the whole process starts again.

It’s basically a merry-go-round of utter boredom. And it’s bullshit.

So I’m stepping away from the fair. And I’m off to enjoy a little time at the circus instead. Aka time with my nut bag mates.


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