New York Fashion Week 2017

What the 2017 New York Fashion trends are so far and how they’ll influence style this summer. 

Slouching shoulders


Image courtesy of Cerendenmez

2016 saw the introduction of cold shoulder and off the shoulder style make a comeback, this year we have the one shoulder slouch. Think Flash Dance / Madonna back in the day. These one shoulder wonders will be dominating the high street – offering a more relaxed off the shoulder look.

Shop the look…$ja=tsid:77520|cid:294788705|agid:20988291065|tid:pla-180633530225|crid:85426807865|nw:g|rnd:12623986837420657527|dvc:c|adp:1o3&gclid=CJqIpubHktICFe-87QodaVAFsA

Peak a boo sleeves 


Image courtesy of The Fashion Spot

Again taking inspiration from last seasons cold shoulder trend, the peak a boo sleeve or sleeve slits will see 2017 fashion focusing once again on the arms and shoulders. So, get moisturising those arms.

Shop the look…|20505853341|pla-110340864041&gclid=CPWuiqDIktICFcS37QodUOQFDA

The wrap coat aka – the dressing robe. 


Image courtesy of Fab Fashion Fix

After a winter of fur, long-length structured coats and bomber jackets, Spring will see the resurgence of the wrap coat. Colours remain pretty muted, with a focus on nudes and natural shades, leaving room to experiment with your wider outfit. It’s less about the statement jacket and more about seeking out a coat that’s going to compliment your wider wardrobe.

Shop the look…


Waist corset 


Image courtesy of Elle.

Not a personal favourite, but if done well this can look great. A midriff corset, this look can suck you in and provide shape… maybe we’ll even see a comeback for the waist belt by the end of 2017…?

Shop the look…

Spring bursts – yellow is this season’s colour


Image courtesy of Vogue

Yellow is the colour this Spring / Summer, and it can be worn in any shade; from pops of luminous colour to a more subdued mustard shade.|20505857181|pla-283228456261&gclid=CM2zgN3JktICFUu77Qodt0cPgQ

The white dress shirt


Image courtesy of Elle.

Probably my favourite of the 2017 trends, the white dress shirt offers a casual sophistication to any daytime outfit. This will be a massive trend for 2017, so you best get stocked up on your DAZ!



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