If you lived your life in reverse you wouldn’t be depressed you’re single

I’m young(ish), but something dawned on me lately when I was chatting to my friend. We’re not ready for babies, or retirement, or buying a house or whatever life milestone it is that we’re not quiet ready for yet… but we chase it. We chase it like there is no tomorrow – and not in a good way.


By forgetting to live in the moment, we forget what matters now. We want the next best thing. It’s keeping up with the Jones’, but instead of the Jones’ being your next door neighbours with a plush new car and a picket fence, they’re your friends, your colleagues and those you went to school with. And it’s fucking depressing.

But how about if we lived life in reverse? We know the conclusion… married, alone, dead on a living room floor surrounded by cats. We know what that looks like and what do we have to look forward to? Life. The consequences of the decisions we made the day after. We’d relish the intrigue, we’d look forward to seeing what lead us to our own decisions. So why is living for the future any different? Why would it be easier to look forward to the past? It’s because it is known, and therefore it present no threat at all.

The thing is, because the future is unknown, we question it. We wait to see what it holds. But the irony is, it doesn’t hold anything if you fail to take advantage of today. So, don’t be depressed you’re single, or you’re not married, or you don’t have babies yet or a mortgage. Because those are things that can only be enjoyed when they happen. Until then they’re a fantasy, an illusion of the imagination. Something we feel entitled to, and in turn give it the power to make us unhappy.

Be you. Be alone. Be the person that enjoys now and you’ll never feel disappointed by a fantasy that only ever existed in your mind.


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