Natural remedy hacks to very real problems


So, three things we can all struggle with from time to time – lack of sleep, bad skin and yellowing teeth. I’m guessing you’ve said yes to one of the above. Well a cute little company is offering a natural remedy for each problem, and I’ve tried them out to see if they actually work.

Blackhead mask


OK so we’ve all seen that video on Facebook where the girl pulls off the back black head mask and it’s like crazy satisfying / disgusting / an essential new product we all want in our lives. Well, Misfits offer a natural version and they asked me to test it out… and let me tell you, it is just as satisfying as it looks. My pores are soooooo free!

The product is called blackhead extraction paste – and at only £12.99 it’s great value for money. I wouldn’t recommend using this more than once a week for maximum impact, but when you do use it you’ll feel like your face has had a detox!

Teeth Whitening Powder


Misfits also offers a really unique teeth whitening powder. I’m always a bit of sceptic of teeth whitener, but this stuff was so different to usual that it was randomly really good. I’d defo recommend. I think the thing that really made it work for me is that it wasn’t harsh and felt good for my teeth due to its natural formula. Often teeth whitening can feel really damaging to your teeth, so this is a great alternative.

Sleep oil


Finally I was given the slumber natural sleep oil. I don’t personally struggle to sleep anymore – it’s the tablets. But a girl at work finds it really tricky to get some quality shut eye. She tested the product for me and absolutely swears by it – which is pretty impressive as she’s tried all sorts.

I really like the Misfits range, it’s great to see more and more products that use natural ingredients in a really smart way to create good quality products that actually work.

If you’re interested in checking out any of the products, head over the website here:


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