The rise in dead celebrities is also Trump and Brexit… and contemporary capitalism. 

So bad stuff keeps happening.

2016 was the worst year ever and we didn’t have a clue what 2017 would bring.

Celebrities kept dying, Trump was elected, Brexit happened. Blah de blah – we all know, we’ve all engaged in it hundreds of times. It’s been hyped and hyped again.

To the point where people were so outraged and pissed off that 2016 was dubbed the worst year ever.

But just stop and think about that for a second. We’ve become so absorbed by the topics presented to us on social media that we’ve actually forgotten where our true morality stands.

We all like to think we’re good people. And that’s why the idea of a pussy grabbing pervert on rape charges as President of the USA is outrageous.

But clearly, hundreds of people, thousands of people who live in day to day America disagree. As do all the thousands that voted for Brexit when it comes the ‘norm’ of believing leaving the EU is a bat shit crazy idea.

The problem is, contemporary capitalism, which revolves around communication and perception has blurred our view. We have two agendas – our social agenda and our actual agenda. The two are getting confused.

Social media has always been about connecting and consuming. People put out the best and worst information. There is no middle ground – and therefore everything we see is hyped.

Consider this. What if the world is exactly as it was. The same level of corruption, the same level of deception, poverty, joy, love, hate. But you see it more. You see it more because it’s shared more.

I’m scared. Because reality is becoming hard to grasp amidst the noise of hyped capitalist dramatisation. Click bate. My judgement is blurred. Is there actually a rise in national treasures dying, or am I just hearing about it more? The same can be applied to every topic. The idea of an insane president – pretty sure Bush was that. The idea of not being in the EU – pretty sure that was the case 50 years back.

Now it’s time to question. What is the real agenda behind what we’re consuming – because there has to be one right. It’s a capitalist society, you can consume without purpose but you can be sure as hell that the product for consumption has an agenda.

So what is it? What is this content working to achieve. Why is being dramatic about celebrities dying helping someone out? Is it for views, if so what does that achieve – higher ad fees for businesses. Yep.

So the media is more than happy to change the entire sentiment a nation holds in order to charge higher fees to businesses trying to sell you shit. It’s consumerism funded by consumerism. And it’s fucked.

And you know what. I’m guilty, your guilty and the whole thing will just carry on until more crazy shit like Jo Cox being murdered happens. When we realise an entire generation has become disalussioned by the media, as well as you, me and the businesses funding the entire cycle so that we buy their shit.

Thought of the day. Fuck it let’s get drunk instead! And yes that is Lambrini!

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