10 easy hacks to pimp your home 

You may have see that I’ve recently moved into a new abode. And in doing so I got to titivate and let my hands loose on a little interior style DIY.

Frugal and impatient, I wanted to make my mark in a cost effective, yet classic way – here are my top ten hacks to nailing your home interior…

1. Decoupage. If you’ve got a terrible cabinet or similar and you’re looking to do it up. Decoupage is great. Just get some paper images – printed pictures or wallpaper, cut them out, arrange them, glue them in place and then varnish them!

2. Painted furniture. This is a total winner for me. Take a piece of furniture, sand it, put on a base coat and then pain two to three times.

3. Pallet wood. Often free, pallet wood can make pretty much anything look rustic. I painted this ikea table and these chest of draws and the just drilled pallet wood onto it. I finished the draws off with handles.

4. Jars. Save your jars – be it marmalade, glass bottles etc. They make the best trinket and candle holders.

5. String and photos. You can 200 photos printed off for under £20 online. I used snapfish. Then simply tack them to string, finish with a peg and fairly lights and you’re done.

6. Painted mirrors. I love grouped mirrors. But finding matching ones can be pricey and tricky. I bought these from a car boot sale for £2 each and just painted them with sample paints from B&Q.

7. Handles and knobs. If you want to get a good quality finish on some furniture, look online for handle knobs. This can make a crap piece of furniture look much more high spec.

8. Throws, cushions, candles and frames. You can never have too many! Invest.

9. Lighting. Floor lamps, fairy lights, table lamps. Use them to make a statement here there and everywhere.

10. Art. Create some, make some, buy some, print some. Whatever you do get some. And make it a central feature to your decor. Frame it and then hang it up. Simples.

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