What 2016 taught me

It’s been a crackers year. And I kind of feel we all learnt a lot! So here’s a little about what 2016 taught me and why it’s not all bad!

Sorry if it sounds pious or preachy – you can totally ignore it (obvs)… it’s just my thoughts!

  1. Politics – despite what anyone thinks or votes or believes… we are all humans and we can only make positive change if we open up our hearts as a collective. That includes making sure we take time to really understand other people’s view points before jumping the gun and telling them they’re wrong – it’s about understanding not knowing. Or so I feel I’ve learnt this year anyway – be it Brexit or Trump. In other words there’s no smoke without fire – think about why people are so disengaged
  2. Honesty is so valuable – I’ve hidden lots of myself from plain sight and it has been so damaging – throughout 2016 I’ve shared who I really am on so many different levels with people and it’s been such a positive experience. Be honest, if people can’t handle it it’s a reflection of their own insecurities, not yours and you can just work to help them with that as best you can
  3. Friends and family – I am beyond blessed with my friends and family. I think 2016 has really taught me to enjoy these relationships instead of worrying about them. My circle makes me feel so fulfilled and it’s because I’m more open to it. In the past I’ve really isolated myself through fear, but there’s no need. Love and live with an open heart and all your anxiety will just bugger straight off – well in the main anyway
  4. Communication – I feel like all the issues in this world are through a lack of honest conversation. Talking and listening have become my crutch to understanding where things go wrong and why I may feel unhappy. It sounds simple but to really listen, understand and digest people’s thoughts is an art form in itself. It also helps you to seek help and guidance when you most need it, without feeling ashamed. Something I’m hoping to work on more in the New Year
  5. Old connections – the people you once new and loved are still so valuable. Reach out and rekindle those relationships. I inadvertently did this throughout 2016 and it’s just been bloody great sharing with these people. Some of which have now become my closest friends

I guess in the main I’ve learnt to be true to myself. If I don’t like it I say, but equally if I do like it I say. I thought I was a pretty negative person, but by being true to my own thoughts I’ve learnt I’m actually really positive.

My New Year resolution is to continue to be frank. Because honesty really is the best policy – if you hide yourself away, the only person you’re kidding is yourself.

Many of my friends have also adapted this attitude and they have become so much more beautiful as people for it – or so I think anyway!

People can struggle with anything from kids, to finding it hard at work, to falling out of love with your other half. Whatever you’re hiding, get it out because without honesty there’s no change.

Ps don’t blame me if your life goes to shit in 2017 after following any of the above learnings (joking… kind of).

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