Merry Cheesemas ya filthy animal

It’s been a bloody tough month (more on that later), so when Byron invited myself and some girlfriends – enter Erin and Laurz – along to its Merry Cheesmas celebration I was 100% game.

Firstly, I love Bryon, secondly it entailed free food (burgers obvs) and thirdly it was an excuse to have a tipple and get in the Christmas spirit.

Well, well, well. If you haven’t been to Byron for the Cheesemas menu, let’s just say you’re missing out. This thing is everything you want from cheese and a burger combined. Crunch – tick, good quality meat – tick, packed with flavour – tick, belly busting – tick, bloody well delicious – yup, it’s a tick!

The whole thing was so tasty, plus there was a DJ so the atmosphere was great. Overall a great experience and I would highly recommend. If you’re into cheese – which let’s face it we all are, then this is for you!

P.s. sorry Andrew P, this was my pre-veggie days, which if I’m honest, only lasted yesterday because I really like meat!


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