Stick on nails – is it just easier to grow the buggers? 

I’m the person who’s hands you look at and think Jesus, you either have major anxiety or… nope, there is no nope, you just have major anxiety.

My nails are literally bitten to a painful degree. I can grow them if I want – I use nail varnish and it stops me from biting, but then they look too bloody good not to nibble and I’m back to stage one.

So when I got the chance to review some stick on nails, I thought bugger it, this might be a chance to kick a life long habit of nibbling.

The product I was sent is called KISS. Complete with a file, a cuticle stick, glue and nails… I was off. I was kind of sceptical. Knowing how rubbish I am at this kind of thing I half expected a nail to be stuck to my eyebrow, but I prevailed!

My before

My during – note the handy little tabs!

And my after

I’ve gone from scabby nails to little Mis Manicure. It’s amazing I actually feel like a real girl now.

I’m not going to wear them daily, but this is defo an option for a night out, wedding or christening.

Plus they last for ages – bonus points.

Thanks KISS – you made me feel pretty from head to, well – finger tips!

Why I liked KISS:

  • They have an idiots guide to applying
  • The whole process took about five minutes!
  • They feature an easy-apply tab, which means you don’t end up with nails stuck to your bum etc.
  • They’re pre-painted meaning you don’t have to faff!

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