You heard it hair first! 

Top hair tricks for different styles. 

How to master four basic hair styles…

1.Beach hair 

I love the beach hair look and there’s only one way to really nail it – sea salt spray. I use this from awapuhi by Paul Mitchell and it’s amazing. It smells great, is good for your hair and doesn’t take long to do at all.

Just let your hair dry naturally and Sprits it in – simples. Or, if you’ve already done your hair, sleep in a French plait and then sprits on in the morning.

2. Straight with volume

I don’t struggle with volume, but I know it’s a major frustration for some, so I recruited the help of a friend that does. Say hello to the lovely Hannah. Hannah had fun testing two product for me by Paul Mitchell. She wanted to give a boost to her hair as it’s really long and heavy – it worked a treat!

She washed her hair using the extra body daily shampoo and finished by using the extra body daily boost. Hannah said it left her hair feeling soft, sleek and really bouncy! I’m tempted to use it and see how big I can get my barnet!

3.Relaxed curls 

The easiest way to get relaxed curls is to just use a curling iron or your straightens to curl your ends. Do it in three layers – depending on how thick you hair is. Once you’ve curled the bottom layer scrunch it up in a bobble and use hair spray to fix it at the back of your head. Repeat with each layer – give it a final spritz and leave it to dry them take it down – voila, relaxed curls.

4. Salon finish 

Maybe my favourite to date. When your hair is wet squirt some blow out spray on it on it and then blow dry. I use this, again it’s by awapuhi and it’s soooo good. As soon as its dry put it in Velcro rollers – scouse style. Put your makeup on and then let it out. You’ll have the best salon hair around.

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