The rules of style

I was invited to a recent event at Dine’s stunning Mansion in Roundhay Leeds.

The evening was all about learning to dress in a way that compliments you – and wow, was I in for a lesson or two…

But first we were served the most amazing canopies and drinks! Delicious… Defo one for a crimbo party if you’re booking!

So it turns out we’re all one of the four seasons. And, according to whichever season you are, there are colours you should and shouldn’t be wearing.

Here’s the colour wheel.

To add to this we all dress in one of six ways…

The romantic, the classic, the dramatic, the natural, the gamine, or the ingénue. And we should stick to this!

The idea is you work out your colours and your style and this governs your purchases. It’s about buying a small amount that’s versatile and is going to work with you not against you.

Here’s a little bit about each style.

The dramatic – often very enthusiastic and OTT people. They like to make a statement. Tend to be tall and slim and enjoy wearing angular clothing.

Image source: http://c-a-n-d-y–

The classic – it is what it says on the tin. Formal, well presented, timeless. Think Channel. These people are elegant and understated.

Image source

The natural – relaxed, easy, casual and outdoorsy. These people look good in relaxed and flowing shapes and styles.

Image source

The gamine – boyish figure, tend to be straight up and straight down. Enjoy fashion influenced by make style.

Image source

The ingénue – delicate, neat, pretty and youthful. These ladies enjoy princess perfect fashion with frills and detail. They tend to be very soft and sincere people.

Image source

The romantic – curvaceous figures, these people enjoy the outdoors but also love dressing up. Think sexy and flirty but also soft and wholesome.

Image source

Some people also cross over to as many as three of the categories. For example I’m a classic, natural, dramatic. Where as my friend Hannah was an out and out romantic.

It’s a great exercise to help you dress for your personality and shape!

To book an appointment head over to House of Colour and you can book an appointment.

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