Bridging the gap between summer and autumn 

The age old conundrum. It’s freezing then it’s boiling, it’s raining then it’s humid. Add to this that we often get our nicest days in September, yet all the shops are selling heavy knit ahead of the winter, and you end up in a bit of a sweaty / freezing situation. 

Obvious but – layers! 

At this time of year I tend to pull together my summer outfits and then throw on a neutral jumper on top. Be it black, grey or cream. 

I also think an oversized jumper looks really cute with a shirt underneath, with a mini skirt or with skinnies. 

The denim shirt

Denim shirts are a saving grace – they look better than a cardie and go with most things. I use my denim shirts as a jacket when there’s a chill but you don’t want to lug a heavy coat around. 


End-of -season makeup is all ways a drain too. You’re either wayyyyy too pale or you look like David bloody Dickinson. I wear three shades of makeup and use my middle shade for the season change. I also have about a month or so in September where I use my bronzer with my blusher, but only on my cheeks. It creates a happy middle ground kind of look. 


There are three essential jackets you need for this time of year and if you invest you’ll be made for life. 

Leather jacket, denim jacket, light cream jacket / Mac / bomber. If you have one of each and invest well you’ll forever have a nice selection of end of season outfits you can wear. 


I wear my winter shoes with my summer clothes. So I’ll don an ankle boot or trainer with a skirt and then if I’ve got a skinny jean on / big coat I’ll still pair the outfit with a lighter shoe. 

In a nutshell

End of season is always going to be a tough one, but just break the rules a bit to make it fit. Wear an ankle sock with a skirt, wear a trainer with a tight, use a shirt as  a jacket. Take your usual summer and winter principles and mash them together. So if you’ve gone summer on top go for winter on bottom and vice versa. 

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