A message to the men in my life – you’re all closet feminists. 

Feminism needs a rebrand…

I’m a young woman that strongly identifies as a feminist. Does that mean I hate men – absolutely not! I bloody love them.
I’ve been surrounded by top notch blokes all my life. I have a brilliant, clever, witty and sensitive dad, a fantastic and truly admirable step dad, a caring and thoughtful brother and some of my best friends are guys – and they’re all bloody lovely.

The thing is – for me feminism is about championing equality. And that’s what all of my male role models have taught me (as well as a pretty kick ass mum). So if you were to ask me if my male role models were feminist I’d say 100% yes.

Do my male role models identify as feminists? I mean, no. No they do not. 😂😂😂

Ironic then, that a movement designed to promote equality fails to engage its target market – those that share its beliefs and fight the battle day to day without even knowing it.

So guys – I hate to tell you, but you’re feminist through and through.

Telling traits of a closet feminist:

– Has raised children to believe in equality

– A person that believes in equality between the sexes

– Feels it’s ok that men and women are different but neither sex is superior

– Is basically a decent person

3 thoughts on “A message to the men in my life – you’re all closet feminists. 

  1. check your privilege!
    all your friends are WHITE
    you seem obsessed with white feminism, the most racist anti black women kind

    today’s feminism is intersectional one, and by that standard you, as a privileged WHITE MALE suppose to listen and fallow not to impose yourself once again into a women-only space
    this is the kind of sexism and racism we try to stop today!

    you are either a right wing nut that tries to troll the movement (we have plenty of them)
    or you are just a sexist male that has no idea what feminism is!

    before anything, take down this racist and sexist post and apologize to all those that you offended
    now is the time for white men to sit back
    feminism is not about you!
    feminism is not about privileged white men!

    don’t even dare to reply before you delete this abject post and apologize to all the women that you offended and learn more about intersectionality and cis gender privilege

    stop, just stop
    you’re a white man, why, why you are even speaking?


    1. I’m a woman. I don’t understand why that makes me racist. I think you’re racist for bringing race into an a post about feminism. I love everyone despite gender, race or sexual orientation. I am by no means privileged I’ve worked hard for what I’ve got. Take you hateful words elsewhere. I’m interested in speaking with people concerned with fighting hate with lot not vice versa. Peace 😘


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