The best beaches to visit in Crete and why you need to book now! 

I’m obsessed with the Greek islands. Ever since my Mum and Mike took me to Kos when we were little. I love the people, the sun, the islands. They’re nothing short of stunning.

More recently I stumbled across Crete. Having enjoyed smaller islands like Mykonos, I was concerned that as a bigger island it would be overly commercialised and lacking in culture – I was completely wrong.

Crete is everything you want from a Greek island. Absolutely boiling, absolutely stunning – I mean breath taking poop your pants a little bit is this actually in front of my own eyes bloody gorgeous – and the people are absolutely lovely too.

We first visited Crete two years ago and we were not disappointed. We watched this video on the beaches and were sold.

The fact is – it’s even better in real life. But you need to book a car so you can explore this stunning island!

My favourite Crete beaches.

Balos Bay

1. Balos Bay – an absolute hazard to get to, but worth every second of the agonising drive and knackering treck to it. This place is paradise on Earth. Just remember to take plenty of provisions because once you’re down there, you’re down there


2. Elafonisi – as equally as beautiful as Balos, but much less stressful to get to and with plenty of beach bars etc. The sand is a beautiful pink colour and it’s beyond breathtaking and relaxing – perfect if you have sprogs too as the water is really shallow. It’s basically a giant paddling pool for kids to go nuts in. But because it’s so big you can find really tranquil places to chill out too! The sand is pink too – which basically makes it the best beach ever. Plus you can pick up seriously cute shells!

Katholiko Beach (Devils Cove)

3. Katholiko Beach (Devils Cove). This place is pretty much off of the brochures. Again a bitch to get to but well worth it. The views are stunning. The other really nice thing about this beach is that it’s where all the local teenagers hang out. They jump off the cliffs into the water – it’s great to watch and they’re lovely and friendly


4. Falasarna – this is probably the biggest beach ever. It’s sooo long but really fun due to the large waves and beautiful sand. There’s a great beach bar too and good music. Great for a care free chill out day. The only problem is that it can get a little cloudy at this beach as its so close to mountains

Ligres Beach 

5. Ligres Beach – we call this the wild beach. It’s pretty much deserted, totally stunning and the sea is choppy but beautifully clear. This is really up there in our favourites. It can get windy though so take a wind break! Or hide behind some of the stunning rocks. Warning you do get full on nuddies on this beach – but you’re on holiday so who cares!

So if this hasn’t convinced you to book a holiday in Crete, I don’t know what will.

Shells from Elafonisi – how cute! 

Watch this space for a review on villas soon…

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