I’m a sucker for a Sutlers

Plodding around York we recently stumbled across a new place to grab some grub. This time it was Sutlers – where the Army & Navy store used to be.

The decor in this place is lovely. They’ve taken inspo from old school, vintage style and smartened it up. I think they call it ‘hipster’ but seeing as every mother is in there it’s more quirk/niceness.


Anyway I’m not complaining – it looked good and the food is great too. This is the kind of place you go if you want a casual bite to eat and maybe a couple of drinks. Plus their beer menu is pretty impressive – loads of local beers, plus favourites like Brooklyn etc. Shaun was pleased. I had a lemonade…

I liked its relaxed charm and the staff are friendly too – plus the food is really good. I had a burger, and swapped pickle for coleslaw – which was really tasty. Their chips are delicious. And, let’s face it, you can’t better a good chip.

Shaun had a meat ball sandwich, which he said was a bit boring, but nice. Plus it came with mini-chips on top so you know, it kind of made up for itself.

They also have a gin and jazz night, so we’re defo going to need to try that out! Only, it’s on a Sunday so not ideal hangover wise.

All in all I’d say this is a great find. York can be a little samey at times, so it’s nice to see new and interesting places popping up. Especially at a side of town you wouldn’t expect – Fossgate is great now.

So, to conclude – perfect for a mid-week meal with mates, second dates, casual food or weekend drinks.


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