The boring girls guide to wearing colour.

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to wear and own a statement and feel confident and comfortable in it. I literally hate that indecisive moment where you put something a bit more statement on than usual and then feel like a freak of nature for the whole day.

People compliment your outfit – outwardly you say thank you, inwardly you make a mental note that this individual is not to be trusted in future, as this morning, when you were feeling vulnerable and way to influenced by Instagram, you made a genuinely shit decision to wear something bold, brash and totally out of character.

Well you know what… you were right. You did look shit – because anyone who looks uncomfortable looks shit. But don’t blame that on the poor bugger that tried to pay you a compliment.

So, how can you experiment and actually get an accurate gauge as to how good – or otherwise – you look?

Here are my tips…

Build up to it.

Rather than going totally overboard and launching yourself into a full white ensemble or triple denim or colour pop hell. Just dabble with it. Ask yourself, how can I take the look I like and refine it? Think statement shoes, bags or just gradually introduce colour. 

I’m partial to a statement shoe! So is SB by the looks…

So for example, I love lighter colours in the summer, but never felt like I could pull off the whole head to toe thing… solution? Get a white trouser /skirt and wear a pastel / striped top. Look achieved – arsehole status limited, friendships maintained, day enjoyed.

Do this until you feel comfortable in the style and then take it to the next level.

Understand your colours

I’m kind of scared of colour. I spent my teens and early 20s in pretty much head to toe black. It was miserable. I thought that because I had red hair, colour didn’t work on me. This is stupid.

Colour is all about balance. Thankfully colour blocking became popular about five years ago – meaning I had my first introduction to colour. This literally turned my world upside down – but it was for the better.

I started by playing around with dark shades of colour – navies, dark greens, maroons etc. One at a time though obviously. This opened the door to playing with bolder shades. Something that has payed off no end. From here I discovered the power of the pastel and that was pretty much a done deal.

Now I embrace colour and feel confident with what I’m doing in terms of mixing up shades and tones. Again, it’s just about being disciplined and playing to your strengths. Girls with darker tones tend to look great in a real pop of colour, where as paler girls work well with richer shades or pastels.

Rip peoples’ style

I honestly don’t see anything wrong with copying peoples’ style. There’s a big thing about it amongst people, but really, I mean we’re all wearing the same high street clobber, what’s the deal? 

There’s no such thing as unique, so just go with it, take inspiration from those around you and don’t be afraid to ask them about how they achieve their look – I’m guessing they’ll be pretty complimented. And if not they’re a knob and you should copy them anyway just to piss them off.

Me stealing my besties shoe style – we make it work 😉

Be fierce

If you feel good in what you’ve put together. Feel good in what you’ve put together. Don’t wait for compliments to make you feel good. Leave the house thinking yes this works, and stick with it. Confidence is way more beautiful then any outfit or accessory – so wear it loud and proud.

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