Dry shampoo – how to apply and what to buy

I’m a newcomer to the dry shampoo party, and wow – what a bloody party! This stuff is life changing, but I guarantee I’m preaching to the converted, because you’ve got to be insane not to have already used this stuff.

Anyway, as a newcomer I had an advantage. I wasn’t sucked in by Baptisse hype, which for what it’s worth – isn’t half bad. But that’s before I discovered the Herbal Essence range. The smell, the powderless nature of it, the way it left my hair – all great.

But then I discovered Aussie Shampoo’s version and my oh my was I in for a treat. This stuff not only smells insane – it makes you have the most bouncy lush lucking hair. It’s like a salon in a canister and I’m 100% hooked!

But regardless of the dry shampoo you use (buy Aussie are you insane – trust me you won’t look back), there’s only one way to apply it. And that’s not on a morning.
I’ve tried and tested a variety of different techniques and applying on a night has to be the best. You wake up with the freshest hair.

So before you go to bed, add a new element to your routine. Squirt that Aussie stuff on your head, comb it through and voila – you’ll wake up looking like you just rolled out of the salon.

I’m not a morning person so this is a major deal. Life = enhanced!

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