Clear skin pretty much straight away 

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I have struggled with my skin for a while… after drinking water and cutting out my excessive sugar intake I got on top of the worst of it. Happy skin! 

Yet, every month, just as I think I’m in the all clear Mother Nature decides that being female isn’t quite tough enough and that she fancies throwing in some big giant spots for the lols. Anyway enough was enough. This month I got a huge spot on my neck – the sort you actively point out to people so you don’t have to go through the pain of wondering if they’ve spotted it yet. Somehow the pain of open humiliation when people lie and say ‘oh I didn’t even notice’ is easier to swallow than watching their eyes wander to your little friend over and over! 

I was in boots, I’d heard people rave about this new L’OREAL face mask and thought bugger it I’ll give it a go. It’s a fiver and I have about that on my Boots points, so it was basically free. 

There are three different types – for different skin types. And it also has these testers which you place around your t-zone and work out which areas are doing what grease wise. 

Credit L’OREAL

So, with my sister and mum in tow, we dabbed these things on our heads to tell our skin type – surprise, surprise I was oily. Not helped by the fact that it was 28 degrees but whatever. Then you choose your product accordingly. Mine being the L’OREAL Paris Pure Clay Purity Mask (aka the green one). I was kind of sceptical but when I put this stuff on it felt less chalky more rubbery and I liked it. 

Credit L’OREAL

Usually when you use a clay mask it’s really drying but this was just pure refreshment. 

Now I’m 100% addicted. I even committed the cardinal sin of getting drunk, staying out at a friends unexpectedly and not taking my makeup off (shudder)… I used the mask the next day and voila; skin = beautiful. 

This stuff is literally my new best friend!  

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