The bucket list – life is just too short. 

I must sit down about four times a week and think the thing that everyone thinks. Fuck it, you literally only live once – what the hell am I doing?

I have to remind myself that I’ve got a good life – but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be better. So, whilst on holiday, enjoying a fag in a treetop cafe, me and Beaumont decided to put a list together.

One of the best things about our relationship is that we encourage each other to do the shit that we want to do but wouldn’t have done in the past… i.e. Road trip across Europe Or gliding…Or bike riding around Dijon…Or visiting sites we’ve always wanted to see…Or taking time for ourselves and going on girly holidays… Or looking at the stars, watching fireworks and stopping to appreciate the art and culture around us…Visiting old places and doing new things… Or visiting new places and doing old things… Going on holidays to new places with family, eating Christmas dinner in the park or climbing trees… Or para-sailing…

The thing is, we’re pretty good at living. But not good enough. Life’s to short for a half arsed approach. And, let’s face it, you get to a certain age and you just don’t give a shit about being out of your comfort zone. In fact it’s fun and makes you laugh hard! And that’s what I want to do. I want to spend my life laughing.

So here’s the list – and I’m going to be blogging about each and every experience as they happen. We’ve set a goal of achieving at least one a month… with or without each other, and we’ll be roping friends and family in too…  here goes!

Horse riding

Sky diving

Bungee jumping

Zip wire

Go Ape



Para gliding

Hot air balloon

Sports car driving day

Motorbike driving day


Scuba diving

Great Wall of China

Taj Mahal

Grand Canyon

Niagra Falls

Tandem bike ride

Learn to sew

Learn to speak Italian

Learn to speak French

Learn to speak German

Learn to speak Greek

Learn to speak Spanish

See the Hollywood sign

Go to New York together

Go to Japan

Go to Thailand

Go to Vietnam

Do up a camper

Build a home

Make a vegetable patch

Take a woodworking course

Visit Buckingham Palace

Visit the Design Museum – London

Natural History Museum – London

Dali Museum – Madrid

Pompadour Centre – France

Louvre – Paris

National History Museum – New York

Museum of Modern Art – New York

Washington DC


Blackpool tower

Eiffel Tower

South Coast of England

Port Mardock – Wales

Northern lights

Ice hotel

Safari – elephants

Bike ride across Europe

Caribbean island

Driving around the coast of England from start to finish

Candle making


Build a pizza oven

Build a secret garden

National parks in America – San Francisco and Yellow stone

Bike ride at Dalby forest



New Zealand

Dune buggy racing


Spa weekend

Read the bible

London Fashion Week

World Ducati day

Padlock on the bridge in Paris

Learn tai chi

Portrait painting art course

Basics of photography course

Own a Chanel suit

Own a Chanel handbag

Buy something from qvc that we actually like


Boats at knaresborough

HandGliding at Sutton bank

White water rafting

Quad biking

Over and out 💕

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