Let’s cut to the chase – restaurant review. 

Cut & Chase | Restaurant and Cocktail Bar | Goodramgate, York

Of late – maybe the last three years – I feel like restaurants and cafes are seriously upping their game. Not just from a food point of view, but also ambience, music, decor. The works. So when I stumbled across Cut & Chase in York, I was hardly surprised to see it ticked the boxes. What struck me first was the decor. This place is seriously nice. Not too formal and not to cutsie – it strikes the balance really well. There’s also a subtle nod to Yorkshire in the decor, which of course I liked. We went in and here’s what we found:


  • They do day through to night really well, we went in around 4pm and they were just shifting over to night time – it looked lovely. Good to know as we feel like we’re stuck in a bit of a rut for evening food in York
  • There’s a seriously cute outdoor dining area
  • The food is literally to die
  • The staff – and this is a big one for me – are absolutely lovely. We got served by a blonde waitress with glasses (didn’t grab her name but she deserves a shout out), who was great. Not too much fuss but was always there ready to help and very smiley too
  • The music – this place was basically playing my Spotify!
  • The menu – varied and playful, but not overly complicated!


  • There really aren’t many, so I’m pulling at strings – the floor was randomly really slippy. I mean really slippy
  • It’s not the cheapest, but it’s not the most expensive either – I find it hard to call this a con because you defo pay for what you get, but you know strings, clutching

So, on to the most important bit – the food.

Sometimes you can be sucked into a place by its decor and atmosphere and then feel a little disappointed by the food. Not this place.


I had a BLT, which was divine. The bacon was so thick and the side salad was really light and tasty. Plus the chips were proper homemade chips and were delicious.

My boyfriend, Shaun, had eggs and gammon – the gammon was really tender, the salad was equally tasty and the eggs (both of them) were really fresh and yellow. The dressing used on the salad was also really tasty and accompanied the wider dish well.


For pud we both opted for the orange and caramel cheesecake. It was blooming gorgeous. Worth a visit just for that!

So, all in all. Cut and Chase is a must go.

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