The EU – shocked and surprised… but there’s always a silver lining

OK so I did a good amount of research before voting to remain in the EU. Right up until I sent my postal vote I was 50/50. However, I am very surprised that the country was also so torn. 

Fashioned by Love 

Lots of people are waking up pretty devastated. So I thought I’d try and pull some silver linings as to why I was considering voting leave at one point – you never know it may make you feel a little better. 

– Voting short term would always have seen me voting remain, but how about if we look at the long term. The EU’s trade agreements are long and laborious to achieve… meaning forging trade links with countries like China and Canada were restricted by our EU membership

– Now consider the EU as a market place. Over the past few years its economy has shrunk and its presence on the world stage is getting smaller – however we were dependent on its trade links 

– So now look at the potential for investment elsewhere. We are a service nation meaning our manufacturing industry is not as strong as other countries, however we do have an opportunity to maximise our industries such as science development and aerospace technology  

– Looking at the above collectively over a ten year period. If other world economies are prospering and we can’t access them quickly, combined with the EU economy shrinking, we could potentially be better in the long run as an independent player

– This has never been a vote about immigration for me. In my mind immigration is a wonderful asset to our country that delivers more than it takes. I hope that diversity will continue. Im also crucially aware that immigration from Europe is only one small factor so I look forward to welcoming immigrants from across the world that are not valued less than European migrants

Now to address the reasons I voted remain. 

– Legislations and laws that protect workers rights – such as maternity and paternity – are governed by the EU. On a selfish note I have a fantastic forward thinking employer so this isn’t a concern. What I would say is that if this is put into question I’m pretty sure our humility as individuals would unite us to overthrow such a ridiculous change in the rules. In my mind it’s just not going to happen and if it did we wouldn’t stand for it. We’re a democracy God dam it

– The major drop in the value of sterling. Again a bit of a fucker if we’re honest. However looking at the long term we have an opportunity to change, shape and grow. We’re a resilient little island with plenty of entrepreneurial spirit. The recession saw more small businesses pop up than pre-dip and this, as far as I can see has delivered plenty of unique and innovative new business models, plus great investor platforms such as crowd funding becoming popular too. If the banks say no – in business terms the investors can often say yes. We already have a model for tackling a recession. Yes it will be a shit couple of years but we will survive as we always do

So that’s my thoughts in a nutshell. I’m aware I haven’t touched on many issues like the NHS the funding grants etc., the reason – despite doing research I still can’t see any real clarity around these areas. Certainly not enough to comment. 

It’s clear that our country has been utterly torn and confused. I think the Government should feel ashamed about the lack of real clarity, structure and guidance provided for voters throughout all campaigning. But most of all, even if your voice wasn’t heard, there is always a silver lining. I believe in the resilience, good nature and good hearts of our country folk. 

And I believe it is this, over anything else that will help us to shape the future. 

P.s. Bye bye EU. It was good while it lasted. Thanks for having us 😀

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