Obsession of the month – Bloom and Wild

Each month I introduce something niche that I’m obsessed with. To kick start, I’m choosing Bloom and Wild. A concept I stumbled across at the beginning of this year and have been obsessed with ever since…

bloom-wild-logo1-rgb-01How many times have you ordered flowers and had to fanny around with work addresses, or making sure someone is in? Plenty, it’s bloody annoying.

Well, worry no more. Bloom and Wild has come to the rescue. This company has positioned itself perfectly and the branding is great too. I’ve used them four times now and would highly recommend. Plus there’s always saving codes to be had if you Google, which makes it really cost effective.

Why I love this business so much:

  • The fact that you can order flowers to be delivered over a series of months. Such a cute idea for a surprise
  • Also the fact that these can be literally posted through the letter box and each flower is individually wrapped to ensure the flowers don’t get damaged is so nice
  • The actual selection of flowers is really great. Kind of rustic chic
  • It’s not expensive but it is a really thoughtful gift
  • Their loyalty scheme is good, they’re always sending really nice emails and incentives
  • They last for ages!
  • You get to arrange the flowers yourself, so it’s kind of like more of an experience
  • Their social feeds are pure eye candy for anyone that loves flowers (Instagram | Twitter)
  • It’s so easy to order and the delivery times are really fast – great for someone who absolutely is not organised in the birthday department (like moi)

In short… I think it’s a blooming marvellous idea. I’m 100% converted 🙂

All images used are taken from the Bloom and Wild website and social media platforms. 


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