Five easy trends to master wearing white

Summer – it’s finally here. It might be a little hit and miss, but it’s an excuse to go shopping so I’m taking it. But when you’re pasty, haven’t seen sunlight in 8 months and have a wardrobe full of blacks and greys… how do you embrace the summer wardrobe?

I really love the different styles around at the moment, and white is a big colour this season – there are some really cute looks and, compared to last year’s 70s overload, the folky feel is much crisper, cleaner and generally palatable this time around.

These are my five favourite white trends for the summer – they’re easy going, easy to adopt, cheap enough and look really cute too.

Off the shoulder

This trend has been around for a while, but there are loads of really nice tops and dresses around at the moment that make the most of the off the shoulder cut. Check out this cute little top – and its only £15.

off shoulder

Girls in trainers 

I’m loving the trainer dress / jeans look at the minute. Lots of cute Gazelle’s kicking about. I got some Fred Perry white leather pumps for my birthday and I’m obsessed with them. The great thing about the trainer look is that you can wear them to tone down a dress or jean shirt combo – which can look really cute.

Some inspo for White trainers here. And a little info on the Gazelle relaunch here.


The slip

So spaghetti straps are back in like it’s 1995. These are so cute as they look lovely and are such a flattering shape for women. I’m obsessed and plan to buy loads pre-holiday. There’s a nice option here too.



So this is taken from last year’s 60s and 70s vibes, but has been made way more folky and way less, well… disgusting. The whites work really well and look really nice with denim. See here and here for good options.


Last but not least is the crochet. I absolutely love this look it is soooo nice. Another similar trend is crochet knit, which is as equally as cute. Some nice options here and here.

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