How to stop smoking, without stopping smoking.


Anyone that knows me knows I love smoking. When I float the idea of stopping people literally quake in their boots. In fact the only time I stopped, my boss at the time told me to start again. I don’t want to stop, I love it. I enjoy it. It’s my one bad thing.

But of late I’ve kind of become more health conscious; maybe it’s because I’m officially entering my late 20s and I know it’s not long before this is all gunna catch up with me, or maybe it’s because, now I actually exercise, its kind of annoying half way through when you’re gagging for a cigarette and you get major judgment for lighting up post Yoga sesh.

Either way, I’m kind of starting to think that I might be almost over it (I think, maybe). And they say that’s the right time to stop… right?

So for a few years now the vaping craze has had all smokers asking a few things… should I be using this as a way to quit? Is it healthier for you? Is it cheaper? Will I look stupid if I start?

So when I saw Vape Direct offering blogger reviews I thought yup, this could be my way out. I can use this to beat the cravings and massively cut down. Maybe even to just ten a day and then work from there. I’m no scientist but this kind of seems a more realistic way to stop. So… I decided to take the plunge, and here’s what I found:

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  • It’s way way cheaper – I’ll have saved £140 in a month… think of the shoes!!! Plus it’s only £15.99 for the actual pen and between £5 and £3 for the liqud – which lasts ages, probably a week… and you can buy online!
  • This is a good way to beat the cravings and smells better than usual. I liked the fact I could smell my perfume all day without having to dowse myself every other hour
  • It can save you £140 to spend on shoes
  • You don’t feel as stupid as you think you’re going to – mainly I think because my version – the Vape Direct Quest Slimline Vaping Pen – was really discreet
  • I’m smoking 5 to 10 less cigarettes a day, which I’m really pleased with
  • I can tell the difference physically – I kind of feel less wheezy
  • Shoes, shoes, shoes
  • I chose Tobacco, Vanilla and Raspberry flavour, but I preferred tobacco because it felt more real
  • It’s easy to charge and lasts ages
  • I’m glad I went for a small, discreet model because it’s less in your face and feels more real
  • Shoes for me, shoes for me
  • On a side point, I was genuinely impressed with the packaging and overall look and feel, it felt like a quality product, which was reassuring
  • Oh yeah, and shoes

So, to conclude. If you’re smoking, I’d 100% recommend using a Vape to cut down, if not to stop. It saves money, is better for you (according to an article I heard on the radio last week) and it doesn’t smell half as bad.

Happy days… I’ll let you know when I’ve stopped all together. And obviously, I’ll keep you posted on the shoes too.

2 thoughts on “How to stop smoking, without stopping smoking.

  1. Good luck hun, I’ve been smoke free for a month now. I was just like you, I loved smoking, nothing beats a sunny afternoon at the pub with a wine and fag in hand. But like yourself now i’m in my late twenties (soon to be thirty!) I can’t live like I use to lol.
    My partners using a vape to give up (I’ve gone cold turkey) and hes finding it to help alot. It will get easier, Iim just coming out of the grieving period for my beloved cigarette, but your get there :). x


    1. Thank god I’m not the only one! I’ve relapsed and I’m up to 15 a day, but it’s still five less – and I’m not giving up on the dream. I neeeeedddd to stop! I’m giving myself until 30 – I’m going to do it over time. 🙂


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