How to look good on a budget

I like to look good, but I’m from Yorkshire, so I’m also tight and hate parting with my hard earned cash. So, what’s a girl to do? Well it’s pretty simple really… the budget bible.

Use online codes

Most online retailers offer discount codes – so literally just search them on the web  or Twitter and use them at the checkout. Also use Love Fashion Sales as mentioned in my last blog post.

model wink hot girl chanel iman fashion
Only invest in a classic 

I don’t spend over £30 on one piece unless I’m making a serious investment. So a coat, a pair of jeans or a pair of shoes I’ll wear regularly. The reason… there’s literally no point whatsoever. You can get it elsewhere for cheaper.

Get inspo from the big boys and then rip the look 

That doesn’t mean you can’t get inspo from places like French Connection or COS. I mean I always look at the latest collections in Vogue to see what styles are on the horizon… this does not mean I can purchase the clothes. Use these shops as a way to discover the latest looks and trends and then shop elsewhere. Look Book Store is also great for Instagram inspo too.

Glamour model kendall jenner walk runway//


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Don’t be afraid of budget retailers 

I shop for me in high street retailers pretty much 100% of the time. My favourites are H&M and Zara. Totally reasonably priced and plenty of choice, styles and latest cuts. But it doesn’t stop there. Seriously, you need to check out the supermarket stores too… I have bought some great items from ASDA and Tesco. When people ask where I got my top or dress from they literally can’t believe it.

Shop online and shop around 

I’m new to shopping online, but it turns out it’s so good for finding items on a budget. If you only have £5 to spend, you can find a dress for sure. My favourites are  Forever 21, Boohoo, Misguided and obviously ASOS.

black and white sky ferreira forever 21

Avoid designer…!

I’m sorry but unless you’re buying a Chanel jacket as an air loom for your future child, or you’re buying from an independent designer because you genuinely love what they do, or some Manolo Blahnik for your wedding day. Designer is pretty shit if you ask me. Do not feel tempted to bow to the mainstream and buy an item because it has a label. Only buy stuff you genuinely like – if it didn’t have a label on it, would you still buy it? Is it actually worth the money?

If you are going to purchase designer… check out The OUTNET for discounts.

shoe manolo blahnik sex and the city carrie bradshaw satc

Have a keen eye for material and colour

The best way to avoid looking cheap on a budget is to look at materials – avoid anything too synthetic or stretchy, opt for classic shapes and avoid really brash colours. If you’re shopping online zoom in and take a good look at the item and always check the material… if you’re not sure, just Google.

And here are some of my bargain purchases!

This summer dress was from Tesco about five years ago, it’s lasted five summers, is a total classic and I still love it to bits. It was about £12.

I recently got this oversized dress from ASOS for about £10 and looovvveee it. It’s going to be perfect for on the beach and general summer fun.

This little number was from Primark about two years ago and is perfect for throwing on top of a bikini or casual drinks. It works well with a pair of skinnies or skirt and was only £4!

So, that’s it. Happy shopping.

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