This newsletter will change your life and your wardrobe

Recently my work friend, Helen, casually mentioned that she signed up to this thing called Love Fashion Sales. It turns out this is a major deal, a life saver and pretty much the most dangerous, yet beautiful invention of all time.

Forgive me if I’m late to the party – but my God, is this some party. Love Fashion Sales basically takes all sale items across the web and tailors them to your interests – so if you have a thing for shoes, but you’re broke, this is like some sort of heaven on Earth.

It’s really simple to sign up to and it is bargain heaven…. sign up now or forever hold your regret internally.

P.s. some of the items we’ve recently purchased and donned at about 20p per wear… .

My new skirt


So this was supposed to be £50 from Oasis, I got it for £15.

Helen’s top


Helen’s shoes

Helen’s total shop was under £50, she bought two tops, a pair of shoes and jumper! That’s £12.50 an item.

Beautiful. Just beautiful.








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  1. OMG I love that skirt. Such a gorgeous length, colour, cut ect. So nice to dress up or down 🙂


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