How to nail vampy

The majority of us have felt a bit bad arse from time to time and decided to channel our inner vamp…

We’ve all been there; feeling fierce AF, making seriously crap life decisions that will haunt us on Timehop for years to come. Like the time I wore a giant black nose ring… (face in palm)!

Now I’m older and have a little wisdom – teamed with pages upon pages of Facebook photos reminding me I make bad choices – it’s become very clear that the only bad asre thing about me is the fact that I have cellulite on my arse, thereby literally making me a bad arse.

I’m guessing I’m not the only one… (insert ‘yep, me too’ here – please God).

So, with all of this in mind, I’m sharing my renewed approach to nailing the vampy look… this time working a little harder to avoid the ‘tramp not so chic’ vibes.

The outfit 

Black lace and leather are obvious vampy looks. But you can keep it classy. There’s no need to go over the top with the sexy cuts. I actually think the more subdued and prim, the better – think Wednesday Adams (my style hero).

It’s literally all in the lip 

OK, maybe I’m a bit bias on the lip front. But seriously, if you’re not wearing a striking lip colour, you’re not going to look as crazy bad arse as you could.

However, beware. A black lip can look insane on a girl with darker tones, but not so great on a lighter complexion – as a ginge I have to be careful, so tend to opt for something rich and dark so I don’t totally dispel any colour my complexion is grasping on to.

Don’t over do the eyes

If you’re big on the lip, try to keep your eye makeup subtle. I’m not saying no eyeliner (because, despite popular belief gingers do have souls), I’m just saying don’t go nuts on eyeshadow/smokey eyes etc. You’ll end up looking like bloody Jordan, or Katie Price, or whatever her name is (feels secretly guilty for being mean… NAAATTT)!



You may disagree here, but I think that the stronger the vamp look the more minimal the accessories. There’s nothing worse than a busy outfit with too much shit flying around. Keep it subdued and statement.


OK, bit of a mine field. If you’re outfit is fairly basic, pop some major statement shoes on it. If your outfit is all lace and dangling stuff, seriously wear a court heel and have done.

Sooo… in other words, make one statement with your outfit – be it accessories, shoes or the actual clothing – and support it with a subdued and classy ensemble. Then finish it off with a strong lip and go out look as hot AF.


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