Drinking water made me less ugly.

I started drinking 3L of water a day and it worked. I mean really worked. Lately I saw a post on Buzzfeed saying this girl had tried drinking the recommended amount of water per day and it was pretty much bullshit.

Well sorry Chelsea, but you’ve just not kept to it for long enough. I used to drink two bottles of full fat Coke a day and around five to ten cups of tea. Disgusting.

I now don’t drink tea or Coke and only have water. 3L or more for around 3 months. The results are insane.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 11.12.36

OK I look like shit, but my skin is sooo clear. 

I’ve gone from really, and I mean really struggling with my skin. To having literally the odd pimple. If you’re struggling with your skin, I’m telling you drink water and don’t stop until it clears!

It’s shit having bad skin. It makes you feel so down. And I get it, you try every single method in the book for it to work. Well don’t bother.

Find a skin product you like, stick with it and drink water. If it doesn’t work then you can send me hate mail!

Here are my drink more water tips:

1. Get one of those 75cL water bottles and don’t let it out of your site. Fill it up and drink it, repeatedly.

2. Every time someone asks you for a brew, say no and refill your water bottles. Drink some water.

90s drinking vodka happy hour alcoholic
 Patsy drinks water and she looks great! Be like Patsy.
3. Cleanse, tone and moisturise before bed and first thing. OK I don’t actually moisturise as I have really greasy skin – check out the big grease nose above, but defo cleanse and tone.

4. Stick to your routine, don’t mess around with different products, just use the same one if it’s working, because jumping from product to product confuses your skin and causes break outs

5. Don’t squeeze – I was such a bad squeezer and it made the whole situation so much worse, just stop. Literally no. Don’t do that

6. The first week is tough but after that it’s like a panic if you run out of water – water is the new air.
Cheezburger celebrities air mindwarp derp

7. Have makeup free days. Once my skin became a little clearer I introduced the odd makeup free day throughout the week. Either go totally bare, or just wear mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and lipstick – seriously it’s worth letting your skin breath

8. Don’t freak out when it comes to your hormone overload week. You might get the odd break out but don’t be tempted to slip into old habits. Keep drinking water, don’t squeeze and before you know it facial harmony will have restored itself

Have you got any skin tips? Feel free to share in the comments. 🙂

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