All hail Reign.

The art of creativity.

Recently I’ve lost my way a bit. Actually let’s be honest… a lot. Not Lambrini drinking, sick in my mouth kind of lost – although let’s face it we’ve all been there – more, why the hell isn’t Vogue doing it for me anymore… art galleries, art shmalleries, kind of lost. In other words, I’ve lost my creative labido – and it’s a bit shit really.

Thankfully, a series – which, by the way, is clearly designed for young teenagers that still believe in true love and only eat celery because, calories – has saved me from my self inflicted misery.

Reign. This TV series is genius. I mean truly. It takes all the principals and direction of a costume drama and mixes it up with a contemporary twist that breaks all the rules and yet offers an absolute style feast for the eyes. This show is couture… I mean, what they do is so good that I feel inspired enough to start a lifestyle blog for fucks sake… they’re winning. They’ve won.

Anyway… seeing as writing your fist blog post is always awkward as. I decided to share some serious eye candy from the show.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 11.01.36.png

Ref: Reign – Costume designer Meredith Markworth Pollack  (see Tyranny of Style’s far superior blog on Reign, along with her interview with Meredith here). 


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyway, if you want to pore over more of this gorgeousness – you can follow the talented Meredith on Instagram here.

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